Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ahmedinejad refuses to bow to sanity

So, one thing is amply clear. Either Ahmedinejad does not read my blog, or if he does, he certainly doesn't think too much of me to take my advice. He has gone on to stand by his comments, adding mint-fresh impetus on the way. And as if that wasn’t enough, his remarks have launched a chain reaction with everyone from editors to clerics picking up the proverbial stick to hack Israel into an imagined pulp. Just goes to prove how irresponsible politicians can get and how eagerly (and maliciously?) people rise to the bait.

In the news report on Times Online cited above, what struck me was a statement which said that militants were openly recruiting for suicide missions at a rally against Israel. Now you see how politicians’ bunkum mounts regrettable scenarios. I would say there is a strong likelihood that some of those recruiters did find gullible young men to join their suicide missions- men who have nothing to do with Ahmedinejad or Israel, and who, for the most part, would be happy just leading their lives one day to the next.

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