Sunday, October 23, 2005

American sale to Pak

Amidst reports of good success in the discussions held between Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran and US Under secretary of State Nicholas Burns come news reports that America is all set to finalize the sale of 80 F-16’s to Pakistan in the coming week. This is another instance of the narrow-sightedness of the American foreign policy. America cannot continue to play this double game in the subcontinent under the guise of de-hyphenation. The American relationship with India cannot ignore the former’s ties with Pakistan. While America might have genuine interest in suffering General Musharraf because of its involvement in the neighborhood, it won’t be long before this strategy backfires.

Meanwhile, President Bush has called on the UN Security Council to discuss Syrian involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. In a statement, Condoleezza Rice demanded “some way to assure accountability” after a UN report indicting senior Syrian officials in the murder was released. Somehow, the entire prospect of accountability at UN has suffered a body-blow in the post-Iraq scenario and to see the Bush administration mention it is to stretch hypocrisy to the limit. Another farce is all set to begin as another country comes on the “Axis-of-evil” radar.

In a tiny news report on the Economic Times front page yesterday, India was deemed to be the future leader in the fast developing KPO space. KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and covers a gamut of services in law, medicine and education that can potentially be offshored. Heartening news for a patrakaar2b in a shrinking job market.

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