Monday, October 31, 2005

Blasts dampen spirit, or do they: Media can't decide!

Conflicting reports on how yesterday’s blasts have affected business sentiment in the Capital. As reported on the Economic Times website, the blasts have “taken the fizz out of Diwali shopping”, while the Indian Express says that the blasts “have failed to dampen the festive spirit”. Hoping that the IE’s reporting right on this one. It is imperative that people go out and have a good time and destroy terrorists’ intentions. If we allowed them to hamper our enthusiasm, these barbarians would have won the battle against us and our way of life. We must send out a strong message that come what may, we won’t be cowed down into terror and submission. This is exactly how Mumbai and London reacted after Gateway and 7/7, respectively.

Iran, meanwhile, has found some time from its own troubles to condemn the blasts. Any such news comes as a breath of desperately needed fresh air after the controversy kickstarted by its President. I feel sorry for the Iranian foreign ministry, clearing the diplomatic muck raked by its flighty leaders.

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The ET’s sister publication TOI certainly doesn't check its facts with ET because this morning it reported 'Delhi up and about after blasts'. Love your blog man!New but you post quite!Keep it up my friend!