Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fuel Cars: Need to revamp duty structure

Worldwide, the phenomenon of hydrogen fuel cars is gaining currency. These cars produce zero-pollution, because the fuel i.e. hydrogen combines with oxygen to release the energy that propels the car. The by-product of this process is, of course, water, which surprisingly, is clean enough to drink. India, however, is lagging behind in this technology because the high duty imposed on fuel cars here. Toyota and Ford, worldwide leaders of the technology have been lobbying with the Indian Government for many years to relax duty norms so that these cars can become the vehicle of choice for consumers. Presently, their costs, owing to the duty structure, are prohibitive. Hopefully, the government would agree to their demands and pave the way for this technology to be mass-marketed in India.

On a lighter note, my use of hopefully in the above paragraph is considered incorrect by linguistic standards. But since this usage is so common, let me err.

(Report from the print edition of Times of India)

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