Saturday, October 29, 2005

Government quits dragging feet on Nanavati

The government has asked the CBI to reopen the riot cases against Congress leaders Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and Dharam Dass Shastri. I picked up this news item for 2 reasons. One, it reminded me of the speech that Manmohan Singh made when the Nanavati Commission Report and the government’s ATR were tabled in Parliament. It was a very strongly worded speech, and I have no hesitation in saying that only someone of the stature and magnanimity of Manmohan Singh could have made it. His apology was heart-felt.

And two, because the government had the courage to take action against its own leaders. I wish the BJP would do something similar in Gujarat’s case.

As an aside, I hope Justice Nanavati would not be as vague as in his anti-Sikh riot report, when he comes out with the Gujarat pogrom one. That he would do better than say that there is “credible” evidence against some people and that they had “very likely” been involved in the riot. What sort of a report says that, and one which comes from a retired judge?

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sudhansh said...

i was talking to a sikh friend today whose family was affected by the riots. he said my mother always tells me vaahe guru ke ghar der hai andher nahi. i hope this time they come full circle because everytime a nanavati doles out nomeaning jargon not only people lose hope, beliefs are shattered in the system, in the faith. my friend is an atheist.