Saturday, October 22, 2005

Indo-US Nuclear Pact

US undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns is holding talks today with Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran to work out the details of the nuclear pact that India and US signed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to the US earlier this year. In a speech made to the Asia Society in New York this week, Burns had sounded upbeat about the prospects of the deal. But misgivings remain. America will face problems in introducing amendments to the law that will grant greater nuclear technological access to India while allowing this country to hold nuclear weapons. This can be done either through a one-time amendment or through an India-specific legislation. India on her part will have to allow separation of its civilian and military facilities and international inspection of the former to allow safeguards. Then the issue sorrounding the NSG also comes to the fore, which it is hoped, will sort itself out owing to US influence.
More on this exciting bit of a developing landmark in India's shifting foreign policy as reports trickle in.

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