Thursday, October 27, 2005

Iraq war gets them to see light, or does it?

In its annual report on global military might, the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies has revealed that western powers have been forced to reconsider their military might in the wake of stunning failures on the ground in Iraq. Strategists had hoped that technology enhancement would make modern warfare less messy by keeping out the blood and gore associated with a protracted ground battle (keeping out of sight, that is). But Iraq has belied all such hopes. In a week when American casualties in Iraq crossed the 2000 mark, it has become clear that the armies have been "sucked into messy conflicts, often in towns, where they face enemies invulnerable to the advanced gadgetry that was supposed to dissipate the fog of war and herald a new era in warfare."

And this is just the bit about Iraq. Afghanistan, of course, has long been consigned to irrelevance, with no reference whatsoever to capturing bin Laden. If Americans are having a tough fight in Iraq, God only knows how they intend to pigeonhole Osama in that inhospitable terrain. But power, as they say, corrupts. So we hear stories of bringing other evil nations (read Iran, Syria) to their knees. More on this megalomania later.

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