Sunday, October 30, 2005

Natwar Singh denies allegations

I have been wanting to write about the corruption charges in the Iraqi oil-for-food programme that have been hogging international media attention, but was putting it off because the Ahmedinejad news story packed more punch, but something came out today that makes it impossible to ignore this item any more. Natwar Singh has been named as a beneficiary of the kickbacks, yes, our very own Foreign Minister. First it was Mitrokhin and now this. I wonder what these people think in private when their leader advises them on austerity. Do they all have a good laugh and say “Could someone be any more ignorant?” Singh for his part has denied the allegations from Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, serial bomb blasts have rocked Delhi in Paharganj, Govindpuri and Sarojini Nagar. Aaj Tak places the number of dead at 25, but that figure is bound to rise, since many people were out Saturday evening for Diwali shopping. Lashkar-e-Taiba’s hand is suspected. Jihadi outfits have made it a ritual of striking Delhi just before Diwali, as happened a few years back as well. More information as details come in.

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cut2cut said...

Of course he'll say that the allegations are false. He and jagat singh have made a lot of money in Iraq looting those coupons which were meant for poor Iraqi janta. Its pay back time!! I hope the left keeps the pressure on the govt. to probe this murky affair.