Thursday, November 10, 2005

Australia averts terrorist attack

Australia averted a major terrorist strike by LeT-trained terrorists this week. The targets were the Sydney Opera House (in the pic) and the Melbourne Stock Exchange. This is the second such plan that has been successfully busted by the Australian intelligence, which no doubt, proves its effectiveness. Other countries would do well to take a tip or two from the Australian military. It is reported that 2 Islamic cells were competing to be the first to strike in the island-country. Abu Bakr, Australia's answer to Omar Bakri Mohammed, has been arrested for masterminding the plot. Now Australia must go the British way of banning belligerent clerics, who preach violence and justify terror.

British PM Tony Blair has, meanwhile, failed to get his terror law cleared by the parliament. Blair had made this bill a test of his leadership which has been going downhill since the Iraq misadventure. One of the more controversial provisions in the bill pertains to the rule that would have allowed police to detain terrorist suspects for upto 90 days without filing charges. The knifes are out not just in the Opposition camp, but within his own Labour Party, that has been gunning for Gordon Brown to take over.

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