Friday, November 25, 2005

A bibliophile's n-th dilemma

Susie Boyt's enchanting take on the pleasures and pains of arranging books on one's rack, in The Guardian. Should one give primacy to those revered classics which don't see to make all that sense today (and this does not include Virginia Woolf, mind you), or go in for lighter chick-littish stuff that you wouldn't be caught dead reading? Should it be done alphabetically (strictly not) or should one go author-wise (recommended: one reason I find Crossword so easy to navigate)? This and more of her personal tribulations in dealing with those pearls of wisdom (or bawdy trash, whichever you take). Don't miss her parting shot on filling up space when you are literally badgered by books.
(Boyt in the pic)

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