Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Briton claims to be cured of HIV

A British sandwich-maker has allowed trials to be conducted on him after it was revealed that he was miraculously cured of the HIV virus. Andrew Stimpson has tested negative for the virus after having it for more than a year. Tests have confirmed the earlier as well as the recent reports correct, which means he did have HIV in his blood, and does not now. If true, Stimpson's body can provide a minefield of information on a virus that has wiped off 20 million across the globe. Here.


cut2cut said...

so i have some chance now
to life and
one night stands;)

Zeenat said...

vik maybe he never had HIV.I mean blood reports are faulty all the bloddy time. what are they saying? he turned negative by just sitting at home?? was he on some medication? he says not but maybe he tried two therapies together. lucky he sure is!
why is pooja known as arunima now?
love the new name tho!
tell me if you dont like personal stuff here;p