Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Delhi Blasts

Horrific stories of loss and desperation are appearing in the mainstream media. The Indian Express has covered the case of 14-year old Rahul Kocchar who lost both his parents on Saturday. Rahul has his half-yearly exams round the corner and has just returned "home" after cremating his parents. Kind offers of help are pouring in from all quarters, but nothing, no amount of aid can diminish the trauma that Rahul must be facing 24x7. Rahul's story here.

Outgoing CJI Justice Lahoti has lambasted the country's political setup for lacking the will to fight terror. He deemed terrorism "a crime that needed an altogether new kind of investigation". Justice Lahoti also favours retaining capital punishment in the statute book, in sharp contrast to the views held by his successor Justice Sabharwal who was sworn in today. In a snide reference to POTA, he chided the UPA Govt. for repealing the anti-terror law.

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aparna said...

i read the story in IE. and now these blasts in srinagar. is there poetic justice in this world? the govt. has asked rahul kocchar to vacate that house because it belonged to his mother who was an IT officer. where will he go? he is just 14! will someone get up and be angry for once? cant all of us, the youth, bring a revolution where we force the politicians to step down and take charge. someone needs to start it now, its high time.