Thursday, November 17, 2005

Developing nations wary of US predominance over Internet

They are demanding the UN step in and address "public policy" issues. When will they learn? Asking the UN to interfere is only prolonging the task at hand. It is bound to be an ineffectual body like so many other UN interventions in the past. The organization could not prevent a war, what to say of governing the net. In any case, the net is too nebulous a medium to give in to UN-style bureaucratic governance. Only the private muscle of the Yahoos and Googles of the world can undertake this task, which for all practical purposes, cannot be constrained by rules and boundaries. Let us not demand the setting up of another elephantine talk-shop, ill-eqipped to deal with the day-to-day working of a medium which since its inception has worked only on the principle of entropy.

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