Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Diwali Spirit

The Times of India lashed out at the Indian trait of complacency in a rare show of teeth from a media house known for its liberalism. In a front-page edit this Diwali day, it mingled the festive feeling with a stern reminder: it’s time we got angry. The article was eminently sensible, but I was seriously left wondering if it wasn’t the Indian Express that I was reading. It asked the people and the government to throw the mask of gentility away and consider Saturday’s occurrences in Delhi an act of war. Peace cannot be a one-way road, and the blasts- so soon after our offer of help to Pakistan- indicate the terrorists’ resolve to derail the peace process. India is in the line of fire, as evidenced by the spurt of attacks in J&K after the Oct 8 earthquake, and must maintain eternal vigil. The editorial saw the crying need to bust terrorist sleeper cells spread across the country, and the strengthening of soft infrastructure in law & order and intelligence. Finally, and this takes the cake, it justified US homeland security laws (widely touted as discriminatory) with the clinching argument, “if that’s what it takes to save innocent lives, it’s a sacrifice worth making”.

Good going, TOI.

Right next to this edit is the news item of Pak-based LeT operative Mohammed Arif alias Ashfaq receiving the death penalty in the Red Fort attack case. Two of his Indian accomplices, Nazir Ahmed Qasid and his son Farooq Ahmed Qasid were awarded life for waging war against the State. This case was the ostensible precipitation behind Saturday’s blasts.

It is a sad comment on our times that I am writing such a post today. Our world is rampaged by tragedy and grief. Sadness peeks at us from every nook and corner. Hopefully tonight’s rituals will introduce a semblance of normalcy in the dreariness that marks these days. Happy Diwali!

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