Thursday, November 10, 2005

Found a place, finally

So there, this is what house-hunting feels like. It's tiring, back-breaking, staircase-climbing, lift-swapping, traffic-crossing...basically something that makes you not care about grammatical niceties, as clearly displayed above. Ha-ha.

After days of being utter nomads, shifting places quicker than one can imagine, my sis and I have finally found our own cosy nook to settle in. It would have been lovely to find one in Gurgaon (the place is fab, beginning with my serendipitous discovery of Carol Shields's Unless at a Cafe Coffee Day bookshop (have been looking for it for ages, from Bombay to Goa, Kolkata to Indore, Delhi to everywhere- yes Anamika, we have shared that misery)) but we are happy enough with our current accomodation. Plan to shift in the latest by Sunday, and now the reason why I am mentionng this gaatha: will finally install my comp and start blogging from home. And then you can expect to be bored more frequently than these erratic jabberings.


aparna said...

gud 4 u..congrats!!

zayed said...

comeone,you have piles of "unless" at khan just gotta look dude.