Sunday, November 13, 2005

Iran armtwisting India

Even as the Bush administration plans a face-saver to prevent bitter acrimony erupting into a conflagration, Iran has sent India feelers that the gas pipeline deal might not come through if the latter does not revise its position in Vienna on Nov 24. It is unknown what promped Iran to suddenly make these demands since in the aftermath of the first vote, the country had been remarkably understanding of India's stand (this notwithstanding Ahmedinejad's outburst against Israel, but that is a separate issue). Perhaps, and this is a wild guess, its brinkmanship was prompted by our esteemed ex-Foreign Minister Natwar Singh's outburst that he was pained by India ditching Iran, and all the other historical tragedies that he could never really overcome, and to bide the sadness of which, he took to accepting kickbacks from dear friend Saddam Hussein...all right, enough of shooting from the lip. This could land me in trouble :)

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