Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Laloo's defeat a respite for UPA

Strange are the ironies of politics. Though the Congress has (once again) been reduced to a non-entity in Bihar after today's verdict, it will draw solace from Laloo Yadav's crushing defeat. Yadav has been a thorn in the flesh for the Centre with the cases aginst him and his nasty shenanigans which forced the government to dissolve the Bihar Assembly in the first place. The SC's interim verdict chiding the government for the latter induced much heartburn within the Congress. It would be pleasantly relieved by Yadav's humbling. The Left is also expected to bow down a bit and start assisting rather than hampering governmental work. Arguably, its capitulation on Iran had as much to do with the expected Bihar verdict as with its commitment to the principles of non-alignment.

This however does not spell the end of troubles for the UPA. The SC's final verdict on the Bihar Assembly dissolution is expected any day now, and the Manmohan Singh government will find it hard to save face. It has to face the double humiliation of losing in the second round too, a chance to prevent which had been the reason for dissolving the earlier Assembly. The routing of Paswan in the polls will invite its own share of tribulations. Added to this is the winter session which convenes tomorrow. Amidst the deluge of news, the BJP has certainly not fogotten the Natwar-Volcker scandal, and will doubtless raise a hue-and-cry on it. All in all, a worrisome week for the government and an interesting one for our tribe.

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