Thursday, November 24, 2005

More trouble for Iran

In a move that could spell trouble for Iran at the UN, the EU has come up with the statement that Iran is in possession of documents that could serve no possible purpose save the development of nuclear weapons. Britian's ambassador to the IAEA Peter Jenkins briefed the media and his hawkish posturing at the meet is symbolic of the impatience that is brewing in the international diplomatic community over Iran. Iran has not helped matters. Within days of the emergence of the A.Q. Khan link, its demand for being in full control of uranium enrichment has raised eyebrows. Chances of a compromise are wearing thin with the Russian plan for brokering peace nowhere in sight. Iran is on its way to becoming a mirror case of its problematic neighbour.


cut2cut said...

when will the world learn? i speak for both bush and ahmedinejad. it defi is goin' the iraq way.

aparna said...

no there's hope still i think. the russian plan is still on, mr. patrakaar. it might just prevent a confrontation. sometimes so much bureaucracy can actually help. it slows everything down, including war prospects.