Sunday, November 06, 2005

Options running out for Natwar

In an interesting take on the oil-for-food scandal, Indrajit Hazra likens the situation to the famous tea party incident from Alice In Wonderland. Dormouse is our very own Mr. Natwar Singh, March Hare the honourable but very lameduck Manmohan Singh and above all, "sphinx like" Alice, Sonia Gandhi. Read Malice In Wonderland here.

Volcker had notified Natwar of his inclusion in the list. That can only mean that the latter conferred with the Congress leadership and behind closed doors & in hushed tones, they decided that it was best to keep the issue under wraps, until it came in the open, and then behave scandalized and disbelieving. This takes the cake in l'affaire Singh. The planning, the scheming. As mentioned earlier, packing him off will only be the beginning. Scams come and go, and people in this country have developed a "devil-may-care" attitude to them. It's sad but true; it is impossible to keep getting agitated about something that you see in its different avatars every other day. There have been Natwars in the past and there will be others in future. One Singh doesn't a crusade make.

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