Friday, November 25, 2005

Terrorists making fine use of earthquake

News reports of an increase in infiltration post the devastating earthquake. Even as India ponders earthquake diplomacy, no less than 100 terrorists have entered Srinagar and are said to be the source of the increase in fidayeen attacks. Earlier, there were reports of LeT adopting "earthquake orphans" to recruit them into their rank and file. The government as always is twiddling its thumbs by trying to push the peace process forward. When will the babus realize that the strategy is backfiring? It almost looks like another backstabbing akin to Kargil in the making. Bleeding hearts for the earthquake victims is fine and even justified, but what can possibly condone this blatant misuse of a humanitarian tragedy? The least the Centre can do at this point is tone down the dovish tone a bit and see where it moves from there. When Pak is bearing the American brunt for not doing enough to contain terror, India would be foolish to overlook these vital intelligence reports.

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