Thursday, November 03, 2005

You haven't missed this, have you?

Well, if you haven't come across it already, it's Shahrukh Khan's 40th birthday today, and the Indian websphere is going ballistic. Perfectly sane and respectable newspapers are publishing eulogies that appear written by some goggle-eyed teenager. Comeon guys, by all means, report it, but do it objectively, don't make it sound so Filmfarish. Now before you Shahrukh Khan fans start chopping me to bits, I personally am quite fond of the actor. He has tremendous charisma and has consistently ruled Bollywood over the last decade. But that doesn't justify this kind of reporting in, for God's sake, Indian Express. Somehow, images of the queeny Koffee With Karan get mixed up with the hard-nosed Op-ed of Shekhar Gupta, and I pant with subconscious confusion.

Hindu gets it better, but you can't really appreciate them for this. They cover all of Entertainment drearily. Gimme masala any day, but not on IE, please. Rediff gets you all of it without killing you with editorial u-turns.


chand said...

yeah its a statement on what sells really. and IE cant remain away for too long. frivolity is the order of the day and everyone has to take a bite of the pie!

unfashionable said...

its fashinable to criticize king khan, hm, vikram and chand??