Monday, December 12, 2005

BJP, Karat seeing light?

Left leader Prakash Karat today called for greater FDI in kerala to spruce the laggard pace of growth in the state. He sought a bigger dialogue on the benefits of foreign investment, lamenting that the state despite its phenomenal literacy was now ranked a lowly 22 in terms of access to higher education, and its share in national IT exports was a paltry 0.47%. Sitaram Yechury echoed karat's view, reiterating that the Prime Minister had lauded the Bengal CM for his initiatives to draw investment. It's sweet revenge for the Manmohan Singh government which has been forced to move at a snail's pace on reforms owing to strident opposition from the left. That the left happens to see the writing on the wall when it comes to states ruled by it and not at the centre, not only smacks of hypocrisy but is also untenable in the long run. How willing they are to shed this distinction remains to be seen.

The BJP too will decide to implement VAT in the states ruled by it at a gathering of its CM's in the Capital tomorrow. The entire world knows that the party with a difference was the initial votary of the new tax regime, but went back on its commitment after losing the 2004 lok sabha polls. Belatedly the realization that VAT is inevitable and also brings in the bucks, has forced the party to shed its year-long grumbling and embrace VAT. After all, you cannot forever hold on to notions of past grandeur. You lost it, honey; stop crying over spilt milk and boil a fresh batch.

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