Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brokeback leads Golden Globe nominations

Path-breakingly romantic, cinematically genius, visually stunning, charming in an old-fashioned way...these are some of the accolades being heaped on the screen version of Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain, a moving portrait of the love that two men share. Heath Ledger has been gathering praise for his quietly restrained performance depicting the tortured persona of Ennis del Mar. There are many interpretations of the story, and people on various points of the sexuality spectrum have relished this timeless saga of the unique limitlessness of love. The story, as also the movie, desists from becoming a mushy saga of gay love, and challenges the reader's perception of what is psychologically acceptable, as also possible, if two people find compatibility. What ways their lives move and what are the consequences, these are the questions explored.

The movie picked up seven nominations, including best dramatic picture, best director (Ang Lee), best actor in a drama (Heath Ledger) and best supporting actress in a drama (Michelle Williams). It was also nominated for best screenplay, best original score and best original song. The Golden Globes are considered a sophisticated dress rehearsal for the Oscars, and already the rush for the big one is giving the fraternity sleepless nights. Brokeback appears to have taken an early lead in this race. It spells loads of excitement for viewers and industry watchers alike.

In the pic, Heath Ledger (left) with Jake Gyllenhaal.

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