Monday, December 26, 2005

Conservative ire over ‘Winterval’

I say this not as a Bible-waving Religious Right-winger, but as a socially relaxed libertarian whose last wisps of faith evaporated in college. Even as a non-believer, I resent the relentless drive to convert Christmas into "Holiday" and pretend that all those beautifully decorated trees are really Hanukkah bushes, Kwanzaa shrubs, or Solstice topiaries. The Orwellian impulse to hammer Christmas into the generic "Holiday" is mainly a project of far-Left, militant secularists as well as corporate marketers whose courage can be measured in thimbles. Fearful that "Merry Christmas" might make someone "uncomfortable," they instead antagonize the 95 percent of Americans who celebrate Christmas, according to a Fox News poll.

‘‘Banishing the Christianity in Christmas is not multi-culturalism at all — it’s anti-culturalism’’. So intense is the debate that Australian Prime Minister John Howard was compelled to call for ‘‘religion to be put back into Christmas’’. He urged Australians to stop downplaying Christianity during Christmas, fearing it might offend non-Christians and atheists. ‘‘You don’t demonstrate tolerance towards minorities by apologising for your own heritage,’’ he said.

Don’t be tricked by the similarity in the two passages. The first has been penned by NRO columnist Deroy Murdock, and the second by our very own Jinnah-supporter, former BJP man, now Express columnist Sudheendra Kulkarni.

There you are. Conservatives never fail to get their knickers in a twist on such weighty issues as the naming of the Christian festival. Feral conservatives like Murdock disperse their agenda without a spasm, touching upon intelligent design, gay marriage and physician-assisted suicide on the way. True grit conservatives like Kulkarni pick cudgels for the cause no matter what religion they are speaking for. Perhaps the man needs a patient hearing. Too many sane voices within the BJP get drowned out because of the dogmatic boorishness of the upper crust.

Merry Xmas, btw.

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