Saturday, December 10, 2005

Decision on Tookie any moment now

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is to announce his decision on canceling the death row of convicted killer Tookie Williams. City police fear that if the decision to execute Williams goes through (expected on Wednesday), violence could break out in the streets. Williams was the founder of the notorious Cripps gang, but has since renounced his past and has even been nominated for the Nobel for his non-violence writings. He is on death row for the 1979 murder of four people. Members of his former gang have been petitioning for the repeal of the order, and it's not hard to fathom how they would react if that doesn't happen.

Needless to repeat, I stand with Tookie. I have blogged about his story here. You can sign a petition to save his life, for what it's worth (signing the petition, i.e.), here. Will keep you updated on the story on these pages. The final decision (the finality of which is manifold) is expected soon.

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