Saturday, December 24, 2005

Dipping in troubled waters

Iranian President Ahmedinejad has banned all Western music from state radio and TV stations, in another reminder of his hardline stand on Islamism. The move reeks of the outlawing of music by Khomeini post the 1979 revolution. Ahmedinejad has been drawing ire from the civilized world for his repeated attempts at caricaturing himself. The news comes within days of his absurd gimmickry in which he asked for Israel to be wiped off the map. The Taliban might have been silenced in Afghanistan but trust history to throw one of their ideological ilk on the face of the earth. The destruction of the magnificent Bamiyan Buddha is still fresh in public memory. The President seems hell-bent on powering Iran's full-throttle decline into cultural and political demise.

Grievous news for Rock/Pop fans. George Michael and Eric Clapton are on the banned list. Guess Ahmedinehad never had a you-look-wonderful-tonight moment.

Quite understandable, hmm?

Welcome Iran's Lalu Yadav

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