Monday, December 05, 2005

Final Great Eastern post

For those of you who cannot decipher my inexplicable fascination with all things Great Eastern (for a hint, see link below), my humble apologies mixed with an assurance there there will be respite from now on. In the meantime, Ramesh Seth captures the past glories of the landmark hotel with all the punch and pizzazz that made it "the best hotel east of the Suez", in the distinguished words of Mark Twain. From the traffic-stopping visit of a Miss Universe to the adrenaline-rushing antics of a belly-dancing duo, Seth, aided capably by vintage photography, captures the life and times of the quintessential '50s Calcutta, the hotel a marked presence in the scheme. Here's hoping that Mr. Suri would do something to eternalize these moving and nostalgic impressions from an era whose beauty, naughtiness and scandal we would be hard-pressed to find today.

From the Sunday Express Eye.

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