Monday, December 19, 2005

Flip-flop President

First came the admission that the Iraq war is not on track. Then the damning revelation of the administration spying on unsuspecting citizens post 9/11 (hail the brilliance of George Orwell). And now, the war is not just right but proceeding so smoothly that the U.S. is all set to win it. Oh really, Mr. President? I think the only victory we are in for is the triumph of chicanery over truth.

"This election will not mean the end of violence, but it is the beginning of something new."

'What exactly, I can't say,' he must have thought. Come Back, Mr. Clinton, all is forgiven. Give us a promiscuous global figure over this scheming ape any day.

In the pic, 'I still sit back at night, the lamp on my table throwing a warm glow on my face, and wonder how I ever got here.'

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