Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monster is new Bond girl

South African Charlize Theron, who hit the Hollywood A-list last year with a career-defining Monster is set to reprise the role of the tragic Vesper Lynd in a remake of the Bond classic Casino Royale. She stars opposite British hunk Daniel Craig who plays the eponymous spy. The movie also boasts British veteran Dame Judi Dench who plays M.

Charlize won the 2004 Best Actress Oscar for her bang-on portrayal of Aileen Wuornos, a Daytona Beach prostitute who became a serial killer. Wuornos was executed in October of 2002 in Florida.

The movie which was co-produced by Theron, elaborates on the tragic circumstances that led Wuornos to turn into a "Damsel of Death". Directed with sensitivity and courage by Patty Jenkins, the movie also stars Christina Ricci in the role of Wournos's lover Selby.

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