Saturday, December 10, 2005

Montreal ends in fiasco

The mega-talk shop packed off inconclusively today with the U.S. representative walking out after being criticized for doing next to nothing on climate change. The u.s. continues to harp on the need to develop cleaner technologies to salvage the environment, rather than impose restrictions that are biased against the developed world. it is currently the world's biggest polluter, but that may change as India and china enter the reckoning. That the latter enjoy benefits in the Kyoto protocol owing to their developing status is an issue that has tremendous public resonance in America and no political party would risk losing its vote bank for a policy that has no immediate ramifications. So as both sides continue to discuss venues for talks about talks, it is clear that the climate protocol is for all purposes dead meat.

increasingly, the world's conflicts are acquiring an east versus west dimension, which is equivalent to a developed versus developing one too. The upcoming WTO ministerial in Hong Kong is also destined to fail because the two sides don't see eye-to-eye on agricultural subsidies in the West.

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