Monday, December 19, 2005

Relentless demolishing

It's a curious dilemma. The propriety of the demolitions was never in question. Money changed hands, and technically, the illegal usurping of prime property in the national capital must be reversed. But like most dilemmas, it is ultimately a human tragedy. Women expressing their anguish and rage to willing television cameras. Anguish at the prospect of their homes tearing down. Rage against those MCD officers who greased their hands insouciantly and assured them of a viable accomodation. When, the women screamed in unison, when will they be punished?

It must be harrowing, seeing one's home fall brick by brick, emotion by tended emotion. Who is to blame? In a country where governmental corruption is common knowledge and something that is accepted as a part of life, how does one cope with this very twisted aspect of the underhand dealing? You pay money, yet lose out in the end. It wasn't supposed to work that way, right? There was a commitment. A commitment that rests on mutually assured benefit.

The law is catching up with the builders. There is talk of prosecuting MCD officials who let the structures build. But what will happen to those unmindful residents who are losing the roof above their head without sufficient preparation to think alternatives? The winter is turning graver with every passing day. Who is answerable to those who are becoming refugees in the heart of their nation?


Day of demolitions

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