Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Suggestions galore

Even as the Maharashtra govt. decides to regularize all illegal constructions in Ulhasnagar constructed before Jan 1, 2005, demolitions in Delhi continue to rock the establishment and send its lackadaisical honchos in a tizzy. Architect Sudhir Vohra has some ides for Ms. Dixit:

First, she needs to order that the 18,271 illegal properties which are the subject of the list submitted to the Delhi High Court be barred from any sale or purchase transactions. This is completely within the jurisdiction of her government, and needs no clearance from the Centre, as it is a revenue matter. The logic is simple — if there is a municipal illegality in the property, why should it be trade-able. Simultaneously, the list should be made public on the internet, with all the necessary options — colony wise, zone wise, ward wise, and so on. Transparency is the first pillar of democracy, and with the Right to Information regime in place it will not be long before this list is available at just a click away.

The second action the CM could take is to begin a process of DEMAT-ing property records and ownerships. Again, the advantages are tremendous: all records of sale and purchase, as well as of use (legal or illegal), and of municipal taxation, would be available to both the government and the public at large at the click of a button. Why should property ownerships be hidden behind layers of secrecy and paper, when the entire share and stock market has accepted the DEMAT system?

Full text here.

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