Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Versatile, Quicksilver, Accomplished" :Proulx herself

Annie Proulx sits down with Bookslut's John Detrixhe to talk about her writing and Brokeback. A very private person who came to writing late in her life, Proulx maps her inspirations.

Actually, walking and hiking is extremely useful for some reason. One is able to untangle characters and plot lines and so forth more easily when walking. Driving does the same thing for me. I find driving, in Wyoming, not anywhere else, very conducive to clear thinking. Or useful thinking, I should say. [Laughs.] Not necessarily clear.

Wyoming has been a recurrent figure in Proulx's stories and her sense of place is so strong that reviewers often include it in the cast of characters they judge. About Brokeback, she expresses her reservations on how the story is overshadowing her other good work, but relents saying she is gratified with the attention and is happy with the bits that were added to transform the story for screen. "Instead of a little canoe, it became an ocean liner."


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