Friday, December 09, 2005

Welcome Iran's Lalu Yadav

I harbour a detestation for any cheap publicity and the last thing I would want for my blog is undue celebrity attraction, something I truly despise. But some people are just too special to be excluded from snappy reporting. Iran's president Ahmedinejad fits the bill perfectly. Not only does the guy not care much about the pariah status his country enjoys within the international community, he furthers his infamous reputation by shooting from the hip at the slightest instance. And the geopolitical transformations he conjures are not just improbable, they are way too delicious to ignore. His latest is on Israel (again). In his glorious words, the tumour of the state of Israel should be relocated to Europe. The comments were made at the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and invited instant outrage from Germany, Austria, Israel and the U.S. After all, he reasoned, the Jews were ill-treated by the Europeans and they should bear the brunt of dealing with this repellent community. Why should ordinary Palestinians be made to suffer? Right? Wrong, Mr. President.

Perhaps ahmedinejad should consider relocating to Europe himself. The continent pioneered the cure for foot-and-mouth. He might just find someone to remedy his foot-in-mouth, hmm?
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