Thursday, January 05, 2006

Che, Castro, Chavez…Next C?

…Is the ‘c’ommunist Evo Morales (on right) who won the Bolivian Presidency by a landslide this December. "I am not only a follower of Chavez, but a follower of Castro and a follower of Che as well," he chuckled after his victory.

So is this it? The Bolivarian high noon of one big Latin American nation? Bush’s most dreaded nightmare (next to Iraq, you ruddy sods) come alive?

Nah, take a breather.

Before the election, the Movimiento al Socialismo leader told La Gaceta, "If I'm elected president, unfortunately it will be my duty to respect those neo-liberal laws. Some changes we will be able to make by decree, others through the legislature, but immediately there aren't going to be great changes because these are 20 years of neo-liberal laws- that can't be erased in one swipe."


Totally Useless Exercise for the Day: Chavez has finally discovered his long-lost bro. Spot the difference (if any) in the pics.

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