Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gross Fest

Stanley Kubrick adapts Anthony Burgess’s classical dystopian saga A Clockwork Orange for the (dis)comfort of the viewing fraternity. He sketches an unfavorable picture of life in a totalitarian state with shots of the swastika to remind you of the Third Reich connection. Alex is part of a gang of 4 violent youth who indulge in mindless violence and destruction. He is jailed in connection with a particularly brutal rape and to escape the long sentence, volunteers for a new aversion therapy proposed by the government to reform prisoners. He is shown scenes of ultra-violence with Beethoven’s music playing in the background (in the pic). The experience “cures” him: it makes him choke at the very thought of violence. But on his release, he discovers that society, including his parents and friends desert him. Ultimately, the government decides to cure him of the “cure”, returning him to a criminal state of mind. Ruining his life and sanity.

Malcolm McDowell gives a fine performance as Alex. The actor is versatile, and his long innings in acting vouch for his talent. I watched another of his latter movies, Dorian recently, in which his pact with the Devil is enacted with a shocking sinisterness. Kubrick confounds as always. While the direction is pitch-perfect, this so-called genius’s fascination with the macabre and only the macabre (The Shining) does not speak highly for his craft.

Sis watched The Incredibles too, says it’s a nice movie. All I remember is booming gun-shots in the background, and then, animation was never my forte.

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