Tuesday, January 31, 2006


the Mulford controversy is fast snowballing into a major embarrassment for the government. Sitaram Yechury has asked the govt. to have him recalled and the BJP has demanded an all-party meeting to discuss The Deal.

Feel a bit sorry for Manmohan Singh at this point. Had he any idea that Mulford's comments would get tied up with the sole moolah his govt. has raked in, he would have issued a statement in time. If for nothing else, to dispel the Opposition's claims of a sellout. As much as India cares about its sovereignty, the deal's implications for our future geopolitical advantage cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Expect an apology (read clarification) from Mulford any minute now. The US is putting pressure on its diplomat and will not let stray comments derail the burgeoning Indo-US bandwagon.

Sidenote: all this politicking is getting to my head. The Oscar nominations will be out any minute now. I hope as hell they are sooner. My TV needs some respite from controversial news. Having said that, the Oscars themselves are likely to burn hearts if a repeat of the SAG upset (Reese makes a pretty picture with her second trophy for the season) is in the offing. Well, it's just nominations now, so chill.

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