Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Mind Happiest

Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind may soon be a reality, not in the way that sunshine is so devoid of gravity, as in the movie. We dig some intensity, right? It's our collective cry against an unbearable lightness, an oblivion, if you may. Scientists at McGill University in Montreal are testing a drug that may lessen the intensity of pain and trauma after a tragedy or personal loss. It's early days yet, but researchers expect a breakthrough soon. Next step: "cure of PTSD". So long these studies don't employ human guinea pigs, I won't doubt their utility.

Speaking of the movie, the premise is scary. What can you possibly do if you have the option of wiping the slate clean and saving yourself the trauma? You go ahead and do it. But life has a habit of coming full-circle, be it fate, be it karma. And that is exactly what we witness between Kate and Jim.

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