Sunday, January 22, 2006

The sadness of and among books

Frank Wilson keeps speaking about The Sea, so imagine my surprise when I located it (along with other Booker books- Arthur And George etc.) in the library at my job place. I pick it up, browse through it. Seems like the perfect book for the weekend off. I can imagine the slender books snuggling in my hands as I drink deep of its wondrous beauty (what I have heard).

I walk up to the incharge. He enters my name, and pop... out comes a list of all the Vikrams in NDTV.

I am not on it.

Yes, since its been only a week since I joined, I am not on the library rolls yet. so no book loving this day and the next :(

Hopefully, there will be respite on the next weekend.

Waiting in anticipation, presumably, is that slight book, feeling right now a bit lonely and out of place, stacked as it is with all the other tomes in a spasm of darkness.

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