Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time to take a stand, Government

It's been finally said. What everyone knew as an unspoken quid pro quo between the two countries revealed itself on Wednesday when US Ambassador David Mulford categorically linked the future of the Indo-US nuke deal to India's stance on Iran at the IAEA come Feb 2.

In fact, Mulford was overly undilplomatic in the language he employed. He said that if India decided not to vote against Iran, the deal would "die" and that the vote's effect on US Congress members "with regard to the civil nuclear initiative will be devastating."

India salvaged some dignity with a Foreign Ministry spokesman calling the vote a strictly internal matter. But we know it's all for kicks, right? Am certain everyone in the Foreign office is having sleepless nights right now on what might happen if...?

Time for Manmohan Singh to officially side with the US, lest it wants to get its knickers in a twist over dead and still-born ideologies.

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