Friday, February 24, 2006

'Bond'ed to cliché

Some respite for Daniel Craig after a string of high-profile Bond men defended the star for the role. Toby Stephens, who played Gustav Graves in 2002's Die Another Day, said Bond was becoming "too clichéd and unrealistic". He said the casting of Craig in the lead role was "inspired".

Indeed, with websites such as Craig Not Bond sprouting across the web, "the short, blond actor with the rough face of a professional boxer" has come in for criticism from a segment of diehard, and if I may add, insolent fans.

It's quite unfair, isn't it, maligning him just because he does not fit a hackneyed image that the idea of James Bond has come to be straitjacketed in. For all genuine Bond lovers, surely, the charisma of 007 goes much beyond this.

And it's not even that. Look at this pic. Does he not looking dashingly suave in it? The perfect Bond to me.

Craig also received support from Pierce Brosnan and Christopher Lee.

More fodder here and here.


Fancyclown said...

Your link somehow dissapeared from my blog, have put it back up.

Hiren said...

If you ask my frank opinion, our own Hritik Roshan looks far more impressive than this guy except for perhaps the height.