Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fiery rage convulses Muslim world

The scenes on TV evoke a strong deja vu. Is this the return of the Islamic revolution, or the uproar over The Satanic Verses? Scores of Muslims stormed streets in capitals across the globe against the disrespect accorded to the Prophet by news dailies in Europe.

From the Boston Globe, thousands of Syrians enraged by caricatures of Islam's Prophet Mohammed torched the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus.

From Aljazeera, Lebanese demonstrators have set on fire the building housing the Danish consulate in Beirut to protest against the publication by European newspapers of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

This on a day when Iran declared it's ending all co-operation with UN nuclear watchdog IAEA, even as it would continue discussions with the Russians on ways to enrich uranium for its reactors.

Take care, people. Hope the matter is resolved soon.

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