Wednesday, February 15, 2006

'Ledge' of talent

Frank Wilson linked to the memoirs of a man who the world recognizes as the greatest lover ever to roam the earth. While 'casanova' may not harbour decent connotations today, the man himself

...studied to be a priest, wrote poetry, played violin in an orchestra, ran a lottery, dabbled in magic, started a silk factory, translated the Iliad, smuggled industrial secrets out of England and worked as a spy, a mining inspector, an impresario, a stockbroker, an abortionist and a librarian...

Speaking of memoirs, Alan Greenspan, true to his smart economist self, has hired a lawyer to tout his book that speaks of his years as the Fed chairman. The NY publishing industry has gone into a frenzy over a light into the man's past.

And on the topic of Casanova, Heath Ledger who plays the eponymous role in a recently released film is milking the success of Brokeback Mountain to good measure. He has signed up for Nautica in a likely repeat of his pairing with Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake's entry not confirmed yet). They won't be playing lovers in this one, as far as I gather.

Ledger is also in talks to play the rakish Hollywood icon Rock Hudson.

Here, he talks about why he chose to play Ennis:

I really liked that he had very few words to express his battle. I like representing emotions in the body and in the voice...he was a clenched person and any form of expression I wanted [it] to be painful, including words and speaking. The words had to fight their way out from within.

The bloke managed that, and how.


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