Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Now the other slap

It takes all kinds. After earning flak from the US media for crawling when asked to bend, Google has raised the hackles of the Chinese MSM, for not doing enough to protect the mighty secrets of the Chinese communist party.

The difference in the mindsets can be gauged from a scathing newspaper editorial that blamed the search engine for complaining about the country's stringent censor laws after sneaking in as an "uninvited guest".

What are these journalists, government poodles?

Time for Google to chuck its much-vaunted logo and show some teeth. For the bark to turn into a bite, one needs to begin by barking.

Be evil, guys! You have nothing to lose but revenue.

To a company whose kickass attitude was its reigning shtick.

Googling its way into the zeitgeist

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