Sunday, February 19, 2006

Troika tangles

What is it with avian flu and nuke ambitions? A lot it would seem from the cast of characters.

France, Iran and India confirmed their first outbreak of the deadly strain of bird flu among fowl, as unconfirmed reports say a man has died of suspected bird flu in Surat in western Gujarat.

Read between the lines, and you'd agree that the three nations to become the latest victims of the influenza are also enmeshed in nuclear labyrinths.

French President Jacques Chirac said this week that India and France are 'close' to signing a deal on civilian nuclear engagement, as the Indian government explained to death just why it committed the blunder of not siding with Iran at the IAEA. Poor Prime minister made a long-winding statement in Parliament.

When it gets stuck, it's normally stuck for the long haul, right?

On Iran, France (freedom fries, anyone?) has been raising the pitch. Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said that Iran's nuclear activity is a cover for a clandestine weapons program.

I can't say about Iran but India and France must definitely start co-operating lest they become victims of whatever crisis next befalls their mate.

The way it's been going, the troika may conveniently be christened The Jinxed Axis.


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