Monday, March 06, 2006

Biggest Upset

They are terming it the biggest upset in Oscar history...Crash all but swept the Academy Awards Sunday night (in spirit definitely), when the movie took home the Best Picture award.

Only silver lining for Brokeback: Ang Lee, whose direction was, in any case, not much to write home about:

The direction could have been better. The movie moves at a snail’s pace for the most time. Lee takes a lot of liberty with the script, but that is due largely to the effort in deriving a 2-and-a-half-hour movie from a 40 pages story. It’s only towards the end that the storyline is rescued somewhat.

Heath Ledger was nervously expectant through the length of the ceremony, perched next to partner-in-crime Michelle Williams, who looked radiant in her yellow outfit (as opposed to the very clearly balding Mr. Ledger). Jake Gyllenhaal occupied the second row, and when Lee only just brushed his and Heath's hands while going on stage (and then forgot to mention the two in his acceptance speech), something was seriously amiss.

All said and done, opinion had been veering towards Hoffman in recent weeks. Despite having not seen the movie, even I could not remain untouched by the outstanding praise that the actor garnered for "becoming" Truman Capote. Duplicitous, fey, effeminate, with an intellect sharper than razor...these words were bound to up the curiosity quotient.

One relief: this pretty much peaks the emotional roller coaster of this year's awards. With daring, path-breaking cinema up for grabs, this was surely one of the more keenly contested ones. The show, as always, was terrific, but for the rather lame jokes of comedian and host Jon Stewart. Next year then!

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