Saturday, July 15, 2006

A tale of contrasts

Israel has upped the offensive against the Hezbollah by destroying its leader's home in Beirut. The current conflict started after Lebanon abducted two of Israel's soldiers. Israel is also fighting Palestinian troops on the eastern front.

I mention this news piece because it contrasts starkly with India's response in the face of the terror attacks on the suburban rail network in Mumbai this past Tuesday, in which 179 people died. India has only announced that it would suspend talks with Pakistan next week.

Lashkar hand is suspected in the latest attacks, the same organisation whose name crops up with frightening regularity in the list of the suspects.

I have a bone to pick with a certain section of the media. The Hindu carried a piece today that rued the setback to the peace process. What peace process, Ma'am? How can one even conjure the notion of peace with a country that's sponsoring terror in our land? This is like crawling when asked to bend, and bent we have, several times in the past.
As intelligence reveals that more dastardly attacks are in the offing, Indians continue to wonder why the bloody hell is their state so soft on terror?


Anonymous said...

why blame average muslim in a mumbai slum dies a hundred deaths thinking he will be roasted alive now. they can barely earn two square meals, why will they blow trains up?

optimism said...

Ever since Israel's response to the september 2000 Intifada, I too hoped that we would do more to tame these unscrupulous elements but the difference my friend, is that Palestine doesn't possess any nuclear weapons and so Israel can (and has) up the ante like that.

optimism said...

One more thing, my father wishes to add that whereas palestinians involved openly claim their hand in the bombings whereas Pakistan denies and due to lack of any clinching proof, we do what we do.

Vikram Johri said...

I know what you are hinting at. one of my colleagues at office was saying yesterday that if we were to attack Pakistan now, it would take them not more than 5 mins to bomb, possibly nuke, Delhi/Mumbai. He suggested we form crack teams, the kind Mossad employs, to go into the heart of Pakistan and kill teorrist leaders and Dawood Ibrahim. While R&AW is supposedly stoking tension between Shias and Sunnis and in the Balochistan province, much more can be done.