Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Martin Amis unplugged

Martin Amis's interview with the Opinion Journal. I came across this on Frank Wilson's Books Inq. Amis is his inimitable eloquent self--"But his virtuosity becomes glaring in conversation. He does not so much talk as assemble flawless paragraphs in the air, fielding subjects from tax cuts to teen fashion."

Read his discourse on 'Islamisophobia' coupled with his Guardian essay The Age of Horrorism.

Amis in one of those writers who can say, in brilliantly constructed sentences, what one has been thinking a long while. Not just on Islamist politics, he also holds forth on President Bush and the
"numbness of advanced democracy and the market state". (I don't necessarily agree with his contention that divorce is an outcome of the western guilt at having it too easy. This highly moralistic position may apply to Amis, but he can hardly generalize it to others.)

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