Wednesday, July 11, 2007

C&F closure a travesty

I had not heard of Avalon being sold off to Purseus and the resultant closure of Carroll & Graf. I wrote Senior Editor Don Weise a mail on his avalon id earlier this week to ask for a galley of Dale Peck's The Garden of Lost and Found. It was after seeing his auto-reply that I came to know of this development.

This is completely unwarranted. In a market where gay and lesbian fiction does not get enough attention, C&F was doing yeoman's work. Why Avalon decided to take such a step escapes me. Weise's personal contribution to this field makes Avalon's decision all the more saddening.

When I wrote Don on his personal email, he replied saying he too is shocked by the sudden development but is happy that he is now free to follow his course. He added that he would continue to work in the gay genre wherever he lands.

What happens now to all C&F titles? When I wrote a senior publicist at Perseus for the Dale Peck galley, I was informed that the title has been shelved. I presume a similar fate awaits most other C&F titles as well.

It's important that all sane voices get heard at a time when readership is falling and gay and lesbian fiction could actually be a profitable business, considering its devoted readership.

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