Monday, December 03, 2007

"DIY cataloging"

Via the Sunday Inquirer page, I was introduced to this charming website called LibraryThing (at the time of posting, the site's down for maintenance). Katie Haegele gives you the lowdown:

It's kind of like playing librarian. You use the site's software to catalog your own book collection, and for free you can list up to 200 books. But maybe the point of cataloging your book collection isn't immediately manifest to you. It wasn't to me. I read a lot, but I don't keep all the books I read, nor do I keep a record of them. I do, however, treasure my zine collection, both for the zines' content and for their value as cultural artifacts. I thought it might be interesting to account for the ones I've hoarded over the years, so I sat down at my laptop with a mug of tea and a few teetering stacks of these handmade, homemade publications and got to work.

Read here on how Katie found a way to catalog her zines.

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